Hello Kitty has blown up since she was first introduced to the world in 1975. The Japanese Sanrio character has been groomed into a global marketing phenomenon and the franchise is apparently worth over $5 billion a year. Adored by all age groups, male and female, Sanrio (and other bootleg companies) have produced an infinite amount of Hello Kitty commercial merchandise, books, TV appearances, and of course, food. Cafés, bakeries, and restaurants have popped up targeting Hello Kitty enthusiasts.

I’m not going to like, I kind of fall into that category. As a child, I was obsessed with Hello Kitty, then I became too cool for her, and now, she’s back in my good books. There have been a few Hello Kitty cafés in Hong Kong, but I’ve always avoided them thinking they’d be gimmicky and overly crowded with annoying Hello Kitty fan girls, which is usually the case. I eventually caved when I found out that HELLO KITTY DIM SUM had become a thing!

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine 中菜軒 is a legit Sanrio restaurant dedicated to all things Hello Kitty. Sanrio went all out with the decor, old school Chinese wooden tables, chairs, and lanterns all engraved with Hello Kitty’s face. Every single detail from the windows, chopsticks, teapots and tea cups were branded. The restaurant even had a full out Hello Kitty bar and cash register. AMAZING!

How was the food? We went during lunch, so we ordered off the dim sum menu. The food looked dope, Hello Kitty shaped har gao (shrimp dumplings), Chinese sausage rolls, steamed buns, turnip cake, Malaysian sponge cake, and more. In terms of taste, it was mediocre, but not terrible. Everything still tasted fine, but let’s be honest, most themed restaurants aren’t really known for spectacular tasting food. If you’re a Hello Kitty fan boy or girl, it’s definitely worth hitting up. If not, then there are a ton of other dim sum spots worth checking out instead.